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Commercial Office Space for Rent in Forsyth, GA

The Preserve at Fox Run is proud to feature a new commercial area with office spaces for rent near downtown Forsyth, Georgia.

Easily accessible to the neighborhood and open to the public, our commercial properties evoke the same welcoming atmosphere and charm of a town square. Rent any available space for yourself and keep work close to home.


From almost-at-home offices to retail stores and restaurants, there are plenty of exciting commercial opportunities at The Preserve at Fox Run.

Created for the benefit of The Preserve residents, this part of the neighborhood is easily accessible by way of sidewalk, bicycle, golf cart, or vehicle.

Residents have preferred claim over the spaces available for rent, so open that boutique you’ve been dreaming of. Serve up your delicious recipes. Provide trustworthy daycare to the families in the neighborhood. Get out of the house–but not far from it—and walk to the office.

There are several ways to balance your home and work life at The Preserve without the long, exhausting commute.


Our retail spaces bring instant convenience to those at The Preserve. Residents have what they need right at the front of their neighborhood. No need to travel out to browse shelves—now stores are just a stroll or cart away. Though our stores are created with The Preserve residents in mind, they are also open to the greater community of Forsyth and Monroe County.


It’s easier than ever for neighbors to grab a bite to eat or spend time with friends and family over dinner. The restaurants at The Preserve provide a variety of tastes and flavors fit for the whole family.


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